Hi there! I’m Georgina Wright


I’m a Yorkshire based health coach, intuitive eating counsellor, and physiotherapist with a passion for baking!

I am mostly known for: my love of chocolate! my 2 gorgeous dogs Poppy and Orca, recipe creations, and my ability to find hope again after the devastating loss of my husband to a brain tumour 4 years ago.

Life looked very different for me many years at the age of 18 when I set off to university with the world at my feet and full of excitement for my future. Unfortunately things didn’t quite turn out as I had planned. Starting university was also the start of my very first diet, triggered by the overwhelming feelings of comparison and thinking I wasn’t thin enough, pretty enough, or clever enough compared to all the other girls. This started what would become a 10 year battle ground of chronic yo yo dieting, bingeing, and losing and gaining the same 40 pounds more times than I care to remember, always on a mission to find the perfect diet!!!Which never happened!Instead I became crippled with low self esteem, feelings of guilt, failure, and frustration with each failed diet attempt, chronic weight gain, and a list of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods that kept me stuck in a cycle of constant restrict and overeating mentality, which is why I could never lose any weight. I took a year out after completing my degree and travelled the world, which was completely awesome but the feelings of comparison, low self esteem and my diet mentality accompanied me around the world adding to even more yoyo diets and weight gain!Much though I advocate health at every size, my constant diets and overeating led me to a weight that was not natural for me, and I felt constantly lethargic, bloated, and uncomfortable. Even after being inspired to do further studies and qualify as a physiotherapist in 2008 which I felt very passionate about as a career at the time and was a major achievement in my life, I still had diet mentality firmly in place stopping me living my life to the full until I was ‘thinner’.


I finally found some of the answers when the penny eventually dropped 2 years later when I was 29, after yet another failed diet that they just weren't going to work and I was just exhausted with them!I started to understand that my happiness wasn’t just rooted in my obsession with trying to be thin, but about much wider aspects, and that I needed to find contentment with the rest of my life too beyond my body size! Not long after this epiphany happened I met and fell in love with my soulmate, Matthew in 2010, who went on to become my incredible husband in 2013. It was quite simply the happiest time of my life, and my newfound relationship with food continued, with no more restricting and overeating, which allowed my weight to settle effortlessly where it was naturally meant to be, and diets really did become a thing of the past, I couldn’t believe it!

Very sadly however my life changed traumatically 4 years later, as my husband, who had courageously battled an aggressive brain tumour for several years through the course of our relationship, lost his fight on 3rd September 2014. Following his death, and in utter turmoil and devastation at the loss of the love of my life, my old emotional eating habits quickly returned as a way to cope.

Georgina-Wright-& Matthew

To fill the void in my life I quickly turned to caffeine, alcohol, and sugary snacks to try and cope with the devastation of such a huge loss...

And hence the cycle of yo-yo dieting began again, causing me to gain 20 pounds within jut a few short months!I knew deep down this was not helping me to heal or mend my broken heart, and burying myself elbows deep in Nutella and bottles of wine was not going to take away my pain. Knowing from all my previous diet attempts that they don't work for long term health, and wouldn’t be the answer to help with my emotional eating and cravings, I started to look for answers with a more holistic approach instead.

I felt inspired by all I had learned about holistic nutrition to support my husband through his illness, and by gradually applying this and learning from new mentors on my journey, I started to truly trust, listen, and understand once and for all that nourishing my body with an abundance and variety of foods that I could enjoy for fuel as well as pleasure, twinned with healing my relationship with food and emotional eating would be the key to setting me free, and it did!I finally learned how to become an intuitive eater.

Georgina Wright Health & Wellness - Bake

This journey resulted in my childhood passion for baking actually becoming my therapy post loss as I desired to learn more and more about nutrition, and I began learning how to bake with a variety of ingredients to make tasty treats that satisfied my sweet tooth whilst still being part of a healthy lifestyle.

I  also began cooking tasty, quick, easy meals again filled with ingredients to nourish my body as well as those that tasted satisfying, and soon enough my weight began to regulate to it’s natural set point. This stage of my recovery gave me the strength to fulfil my promise to my husband before he died, that I would learn how to run as a complete beginner, a half marathon in his honour to raise money for charity which I completed a year after my loss.

And is if that wasn’t enough, I then went on to complete the London marathon in April 2017 for the same charity, a dream I did not even think was possible!

Following my passion for holistic nutrition by completing my certification as a health coach with Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2016 and now finishing my training to be an intuitive eating counsellor with the wonderful registered dieticians and co-authors of the book ‘Inuitive eating- a revolutionary programme that works’, has been the ‘icing on the cake’ of my journey of healing my relationship with food, and now I can’t wait to share my message and what I have learned with you to give you hope to reclaim your power around food and cravings, heal your relationship with food, and live your best life, and of course, still eat cake!

Georgina Wright Health Coach - Marathon