‘So, I’ll just start again on Monday with a new diet,
and things will be different this time, more motivation
I’ll have better will power,
avoid all temptation,
reduce my calories,
and then this time it will work,
I'll lose loads of weight,
fit into the clothes I dream of wearing, 
and I will finally be confident
and happy!’


But what if it doesn't have to be yet another struggle with yet another new diet, more calorie counting, willpower strategies, and avoiding all temptation every single day for the possibility of fitting into your dream clothes whilst wondering why its only you that feels like this is a constant struggle to achieve?

Only to end up right back to square one with the cravings and emotional eating yet again taking control and sending you right back to being elbows deep in Nutella, planning the next diet while the scale still won't budge!

I know that deep down all you really want is to be able to just feel healthy and fit without obsessing over food al the time, and still eat cake (of course!) without it sending you into a diet failure melt down!

So what if you could do just that:

+ Finally not have to worry about your weight anymore!

+ Stop having to diet and count calories

+ Stop all those cravings and the inevitable emotional eating that sabotages your every attempt to be healthy.

+ Enjoy nourishing your body with gentle nutrition and learn how to enjoy healthful food that is easy to prepare, taste gorgeous, and still eat cake too!

+ Actually find a way to enjoy exercise that’s perfect just for you, and makes you feel awesome!

+ Have those ‘jump out of bed’ energy levels naturally that last without relying on tea, coffee and sugar to keep your eyes open during that mid afternoon slump that you know so well.

+ Feel so flipping amazing and confident that you are living your best health everyday and have transformed your life!!!

Sound good? Well I would love to help you!

My name is Georgina Wright and I help women just like you to end the food fight and never-ending frustration of dieting by helping you heal your relationship with food, body, and mind , so that you can finally trust your body to nourish it with variety and balance with my bespoke approach of nutrition and mindset work through the process of intuitive eating to reclaim your power around food and end dieting for good!


I too have been on my own journey of gaining and losing the same 20 pounds (and more) more times than I care to remember since I started to struggle with my weight aged 18.

After years of trying every diet, and fad approach to weight loss on the entire planet, I finally realised the answer wasn't just about WHAT I was eating but HOW I was eating too.

You see for all those diets I tried, I never really addressed why I was crash dieting and binging to reach the ever elusive goal of ‘being thin and happy’ but was never able to actually achieve it. And my poor body literally didn’t know if It was coming or going for the majority of my twenties, causing me so many problems with my health, hormones, and confidence, to the extent where I refused to go to social occasions because of how I felt.


And now? Now I am healthy, accept my body, and maintain my set point natural weight without bingeing or deprivation, which I have maintained throughout most of my thirties, and I know this will be the same for the rest of my life, oh the freedom and joy this gives me!


Food and body Freedom feels so good!

Imagine waking up every day feeling peaceful and content with food and your body, and knowing that you trust your body to nourish it with variety and balance so that you feel healthy and vibrant every day

Imagine the feeling of putting on your favourite clothes each morning, and effortlessly know what foods keep you feeling energised and satisfied all day, with no cravings or mid afternoon energy slumps to worry about because you prepare your food in advance every day, or even prep for the week ahead because it comes so naturally now to know what to eat to fuel your body and feel amazing every day.  

Cravings are a thing of the past, and treats now become so much more than food, you are living your life to the full instead of to the bottom of the biscuit tin. Food is no longer controlling your life, and you finally feel free! You exercise regularly because you love how it makes you feel and you know what exercise makes your body feel at its absolute best. You sleep well every night, stress is a thing of the past, and life flows with beautiful, healthy, happy abundance in everything you do.

90 minute ‘heal emotional eating’ Blueprint Session!

A personalised blueprint session to explore how emotional eating is sabotaging your health goals with a deep dive to provide immediate personalised solutions that you can implement straight away to set you up for success and help you move forward with your health goals!

I am offering these 90-minute sessions for just £49 to help you make a successful, personalised plan to kick start your journey to feeling in your absolute best health!

What the session includes:

  • 90-minute 1:1 coaching session delivered via Skype, zoom, or telephone

  • personalised resources guide based on your own individual health goals to help you stop emotional eating sabotaging your desire to achieve optimal health

Just click the button below to book your spot, spaces are limited each month so make sure you don’t miss out!

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Introducing the 8 week 'intuitive eating kickstart’ programme

A programme designed just for you to help you transform your relationship with food and your body for your dream life!

What the programme includes:

  • 8 sessions of 1:1 coaching for 45 minutes with me each week using the 10 principles of intuitive eating originally created by registered dieticians Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resche (co- authors of ‘intuitive eating programme- a revolutionary approach that works’)

  • Personalised bespoke goal setting on all aspects of your nutrition, fitness, and wellness to achieve the health of your dreams, and a fulfilling and happy life that you absolutely deserve!

  • Email support throughout the entire 8 week journey with me.

  • Resources to help you implement and achieve all your goals.

Schedule your free 30 minute discovery session to chat to me about your goals and desires for your health and to find out how I can help you by working together to help you achieve your best health yet!