Hi, I’m Georgina

I'm a Health & Wellness Coach with a passion for
helping you to detox from diet culture by learning how to be the expert of your own body to nourish it with balance and variety, and to transform your health!


Do you want to know how to achieve the most successful health and freedom of your life?

Start by throwing away the scales!

+ Do you feel like you're always battling with ‘will power’ and cravings around food, leading you to feel like a failure when you can’t stick your latest diet plan? 

+ Are you always thinking about food and your next diet to lose weight, but find that you keep yoyo dieting and end up putting on more weight instead?

+ Are you ready to let go of dieting to find your naturally healthy weight and stop feeling guilty around your food choices?

+ Do you want to do it all in an achievable way without diets, by learning how to reconnect with and trust your body through intuitive eating to get incredible results?

I help you reclaim your life by making peace with food, nourishing your body, and finding your natural healthy weight, while giving the support, guidance and care you deserve so that you can feel free, happy and healthy in mind, body, and soul without ever having to diet again!



Learn how to make peace with food, understand intuitive eating to nourish your body for life, never have to restrict your food choices again, and find your natural healthy weight.



learn how to listen to your body and fuel it with tasty and nourishing food by listening to your internal hunger and fullness ques, and finally feel satisfied with your food choices to create balance and variety without obsessing over food rules meal plans.



Learn how to understand your food cravings so that yoyo dieting becomes a thing of the past as you identify which foods truly nourish your mind, body, and soul so that you never feel deprived or restricted, and finally take back your power around food, giving you freedom to live your best life!

‘Detox your emotions’ personalised 90 minute blueprint sessions!

Not sure where to begin? let me help you get started on your health journey by booking a 90-minute personalised blueprint session with me where we’ll explore your personal cravings and health challenges to identify immediate solutions to set you up for success to transform your health!

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“Initially nervous, not really sure what health coaching was, Georgina quickly put me at ease with her friendly, relaxed but knowledgeable manner.

Ever professional, Georgina had a wonderful ability to help me look at aspects of health I had previously been unaware of or ignored. With weekly goals and fascinating sessions, I have met all my initial goals and have acquired a new mindset around food. I also found surprising benefits; I am sleeping better than I have in years and haven't woken during the night since starting the coaching, I have found increased energy levels as I have lost weight, without 'trying', simply by making different choices. I feel more confident in social occasions no longer feeling overwhelmed.

Georgina is inspirational, motivational and her love of what she does shines out of her. 

I wish I had found Georgina's health coaching years ago.”

- Sarah







Schedule a complimentary 30 minute discovery session with me to explore your health challenges, what is holding you back from achieving your best health, and how working together using the 10 principles of intuitive eating can transform your health!

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