What Is Your WHY? The Key to Unlocking Successful Weight Loss

Have you ever become so focused on losing weight to be ‘thin and happy’ that you actually lose the point of what it’s really all for? Let me tell you from first hand experience using this as the goal only leads to short term quick fixes and long term disappointment. Yet again another diet fails, leaving you heavier and more miserable than before, and beating yourself up for ‘not being disciplined enough,’ not being ‘good enough,’ not being enough, enough, enough!

I want to tell you that you are enough, you are always enough and it’s time to stop letting diets dictate how you feel about yourself and the world around you.  

Focusing on the scales, the dress size, the clothes hanging in the wardrobe that you will one day fit into again is really not the answer to successful weight loss. This is the ‘diet why.’ Luring you into a short lived and punishing cycle of trying to achieve the external and image related gains of weight loss rather than the internal health related gains that come from truly nourishing your body. The transformation should come from the inside out so that you look good, but you FEEL even better, and can maintain this diet effortlessly for life.


Let me explain further by sharing my own journey of how I found my WHY and how I lead a life of being an effortlessly healthy weight. I spent most of my teenage years and twenties locked in a vicious cycle of binge eating, gaining weight, going on a diet, losing weight, binge eating, gaining weight, and dieting constantly which not only affected my health and resulted in me gaining four stone within a couple of years, it also really damaged my relationship with myself and the world around me.

Meeting my wonderful husband in my late twenties, was and still is my biggest WHY! He loved me so much and as soon as we met, my weight naturally started to decrease. I effortlessly stopped using emotional eating habits that I realised were filling the gaps of my loneliness and low self esteem that no longer existed when I found my beautiful soulmate.

Losing him to cancer four years later at just 33 years old made me realise more than ever the important role my own health would play after loss. Now, I try to live my best life for the both of us as I navigate the challenging path of moving forwards once more in life as a young widow. Emotional eating habits from my past started to surface again as grief overcame me like a tidal wave in the early days. But this time I recognised the pattern, and knew that this would not help me live my best life for both me and my husband.

And so my health and wellness journey began another chapter as I used my why to learn more about nutrition and mindset to live my best life! As a result of this, I now live a life of effortless health and a naturally healthy weight without dieting. I’ve also been empowered to realise my true calling in life which has involved a career change from physiotherapy to health and wellness coaching to help and support others work out their WHY to live their very best life too!

I want you to take some time now to visualise your dream life. Where are you? What are you doing, who is with you? This is your why! It may be that your why is to meet that someone special, to start a family, to participate fully in activities with your family with true vitality that your health is currently stopping you from doing. Maybe it’s that you want to live out your dream career, travel, run a marathon, it really can be anything and everything that lights you up from the inside out. And it is this which will guide you to stop dieting to be ‘thin’ and think about the bigger picture of what true health is, and how to apply this to all areas of your life for true health and happiness to last a lifetime.

The video below sums up perfectly my biggest why. The immense power of the love that me and my husband Matthew shared, and how I know that your why can empower you to achieve anything you want to in life!


Having never done any form of fitness at all before I lost my husband, my why enabled me not only to achieve a life free of dieting and full of health, but also to run a half marathon in Matthew’s memory one year after he died. My why enabled me when I could only run 60 seconds to begin with from either not being able to breathe because I was so unfit, or from sobbing with grief. I completed my first ever half marathon in 2 hours 20 minutes, and another year after that I completed the London Marathon! That is hope. And love.

What is Your Why.JPG

So what is your WHY? Dream big, you only get one life, you deserve to live to the fullest and I am with you every step of the way!


Georgina xxx