How Chocolate Really CAN Help You To Lose Weight!

Hey beauty!

Yes you read that right, I have discovered the holy grail - how to eat chocolate and still lose weight naturally, and without dieting!!! Anyone that knows me will know how much I love chocolate! My downfall as an extremely overweight and unhealthy twenty-something was that I was so addicted to sugar and comfort eating that chocolate became somewhat of a nemesis for me. The type of chocolate I would enjoy was usually the type found in cheap bars, cakes, biscuits, and pastries, all of which were loaded with heavily processed fats, preservatives, and lots of refined sugar, stripping away any of the benefits of the all important cocoa bean that makes everything taste so wonderful.

And then something truly magical happened! Three and a half years ago, after losing my wonderful husband to a brain tumour, I was sat inhaling my way through yet another tub of Nutella to comfort my pain, knowing that it wasn’t really going to help me with my health or my pain, but not knowing what else to do. I stumbled across my first ever recipe for homemade, natural Nutella! Made with organic raw cacao powder, which is different to standard cocoa powder as it is not roasted or treated with chemicals. It promised allllll the chocolate loveliness combined with a health and mood boost, and WOW it did not fail to deliver! I literally danced around the kitchen the first time I made my own Nutella, knowing that I had finally found the answer for my physical sugar and chocolate cravings at last. I still had lots of work to do on my mindset and emotions to truly transform my relationship with food, but I literally felt like I had won the chocolate lottery that day as I enjoyed my first batch of natural and delicious Nutella! Every time I had a craving for sugar or chocolate, I would eat something made with raw cacao powder and more natural forms of sugar, which tasted so good and stopped me having the crazy sugar rushes that I used to get from junk food, freeing me from the cycle of sugar addiction at last!

And so began my love affair with raw cacao, which I still use to this day, living a life that is effortlessly refined sugar free, without me feeling at all deprived, and able to maintain a natural, healthy weight. I still enjoy the occasional refined sugar treat, but it no longer controls me. I honestly do not crave refined sugar anymore which is such an incredible feeling after so many years of feeling like I would never be able to put an end to my cravings!

The great thing about raw cacao is that it is really diverse, and you can add it to so many lovely things such as smoothies, porridge, energy balls, cakes, biscuits, chocolate bars, and so much more! You can buy it from Amazon, health food shops, and even Aldi stocks it in the UK now so it is super easy to get hold of.

Here are just a few of the awesome benefits of raw cacao

5 benefits of raw organic cacao

  1. It contains an abundance of antioxidants, in fact 40 times the amount of blueberries! Hello super health and glowy skin!

  2. It is the highest plant-based source of iron with 7.3g per 100g compared with beef at 2.5g and spinach at 3.6g.

  3. It is full of magnesium for healthy hormones, a healthy heart, and increased brain clarity and focus.

  4. It contains more calcium than cow’s milk.

  5. It is a natural mood elevator and anti-depressant, brimming with natural sources of feel good chemicals help you feel happy!

My website has lots of chocolate themed recipes for you to enjoy using raw cacao powder, that are all quick and easy to put together, and this week I wanted to share with you my most simple recipe yet to reduce sugar and chocolate cravings within 5 minutes using just 3 ingredients! Hello chocolate fudge spread!


I have made a lovely video to share this yummy recipe with you, and it also written below in case you just want to get straight to it!

5 minute chocolate fudge spread

  • 1 tbsp raw cacao powder

  • 1 tbsp almond butter (natural, no added oil/sugar)

  • 2 tbsp maple syrup to taste

Simply mix all the ingredients together to form a smooth, glossy spread and enjoy! This will store in airtight container for up to 4 weeks in a cool, dry place.

I really hope you enjoy it, it is one of my absolute favourite recipes! Head over to my FREE Facebook community for more tips & recipe ideas.

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